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  2. Otter vs Eskimo. I'm looking at either buying a otter cabin or the Eskimo grizzly. I'm curious on the pros and cons on these two. I bought the Grizzly last year and really like it. It has plenty of room for gear, set up and take down is very efficient, plenty of room for two people to fish multiple holes and tows good
  3. Eskimo Outbreak 250i vs Otter Pro Lodge XTH/Vortex Lodge vs Clam C560. If you've tried more than one of the hubs listed I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you liked and didn't. Still interested if you've only tried one or have a similar suggestion. For reference I fish alone most of the time but want to be able to fit both my kids and I.
  4. 7 seasons ice fishing now under my belt. I've had frabill, otter, and eskimo shelters. Forget frabill. Poor quality and overpriced compared to the other two. Otter and Eskimo, comparable prices. Down to MY personal preference. I don't use a snow machine so I drag my sleds. I don't like sled/popup combos. Keep your sled and shelter seperate
  5. RE: Otter Sled or a Clam? Eskimo, Eskimo, Eskimo, brother once you go green you'll never go back. Check out the Pro Fish line compared to the rest of the competition and for the money it's the best value hands down

The Quickfish 3 Pop-Up Ice Fishing Shelter by Eskimo is a stellar choice for those seeking a pop-up style tent with super-rapid setup times.. At 52 by 8.5 by 8.5 inches collapsed and weighing in. Clam, Eskimo, Frabill or Otter? SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE ADD TO FAV ORTIES. 1/16/18 @ 3:59 PM. ORIGINAL POST. nick_atnite. USER SINCE 1/10/10 PROFILE BLOCK USER. Time to pull the plug on my old Clam sled and want to hear opinions on which one to get next. I'm looking for a 2 man, thermal that I can tow behind my ATV

Size: 98.5L x 71W x 75.5H. Ice Fishing Shelters and Sleds • Clam Yukon XL Thermal Shelter 40th Anniversary Edition • Clam Voyager X Thermal Shelter • Frabill Ice Hunter SideStep 285 Ice Shelter • Otter Outdoors XT X Over Lodge Ice Shelter Eskimo 26400 Apex Thermal Ice Fishing Shelter The Apex Thermal Shelter is the perfect all around. Started out with an Eskimo Quikfish 3 (which does not fish 3), then Clam 6 x 8, now Eskimo 949 non-insulated. The 949 will fish 2 with plenty of room and could fish 3 with the right hole locations and 4 in a pinch but it would be TIGHT. My advice: Eskimo. Insulated

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Frabill vs. Otter vs. Eskimo vs. Clam Flip over ice shanties. SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE ADD TO FAV ORTIES. 2/4/13 @ 12:17 PM. ORIGINAL POST. the eye slayer. USER SINCE 3/17/09 PROFILE BLOCK USER. Im looking to get some kind of flip over ice shantie and dont know much about them. Like 0. Check online prices here:Eskimo Wide 1 Inferno: https://amzn.to/2QZ8ERvClam Kenai Pro Thermal: https://amzn.to/35OfwFHMore Info:Eskimo Wide 1 Inferno: https:.. Otter vs Clam Flip Up Shanty's. Close. 11. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. Otter vs Clam Flip Up Shanty's. Hey guys and girls, I have a eskimo evo 2 and the roof is only insulated, and on cold windy days I dont even bother going out because I know its going to be pretty miserable even with the big buddie. 2 Eskimo refused to repair or offer replacement parts. I was able to fix it with grommets and some patches. Ended up making the same repair on two other hubs when they tore apart. Replaced it after 5 years of hard use with a Clam 360 insulated. The Clam is better built IMO, but noticeably heavier. My buddy's son is still using that Eskimo btw Otter Lodge. Otter Outdoors make the best Ice fishing huts on the market. Super thick shell, strong square tubing and the toughest tub. Nothing else on the m..

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Can't comment on the Eskimo. I have a nanook thermal have had it about 4 years now. It's been pretty good overall. I use it just for me so only put 1 seat in it, like the extra room that way. A single buddy heater keeps it toasty need the bug buddy only twice but it was like 40 to 50 below. I usually silcon the poles beginning of season had 1. I accidentally burned a hole in my Clam ice shanty with my heater while out ice fishing. Here's a simple and inexpensive way to quickly repair an ice shanty.. Im my opinion the Eskimo is probly the cheapest of the bunch--the fish trap probly the more deluxe of the bunch--with nice window/air vents/built in seats if you like them/pockets inside & some refelctive strips on the outside---the otter is probly the best built of the bunch with a heavier duty sled & canvas--it is also the warmest of the bunch--it also has windows & air vent Thanks for the heads up on that FF price. I ended up taking the Cabela's back and getting the Eskimo. This review is referring to the 6 man hubs. I think the Eskimo is just a little bit smaller than the Cabela's/Clam, but the beefier zipper, the removeable windows, and the higher quality stakes made me decide to go with the Eskimo at the same.

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  1. 1.Eskimo Infero 1, Looks nice in pics. but nobody has them around here only on their wesites. 2.Clam legend XL, Have sat in this 1 and like the seat and room in it. 3.Otter XT Hideout, Also have not seen 1 in person other than at ice show and was not looking for a 1 man at the time so didn't look that hard at it
  2. Now that Otter is making one with the bright interior it's I'm wanting a hub house even more. I'm trying to compare the fatfish size to the XTH otter as far as size. With all the dimensions, floor vs hub to hub it gets confusing and I want to make sure I'm comparing apples to apples as far as size
  3. Buy at FishUSA.com. A completely new offering for the 2020/2021 ice season, St. Croix's Premier Ice Series Combos offer five distinct and reliable Premier Ice rods paired with Daiwa QX750 reels to bring anglers success on the ice in multiple presentations and techniques at a great price. 5 Models from 24 to 36 inches
  4. I sold my Otter XTH Lodge this winter and picked up two Clam Kenai Pro Thermal flip-overs. I really love the mobility of the flip-overs because I catch more fish out of them, but that Otter hub house was excellent in every way aside from that. I'm pretty sure Otter Thermal fabric is superior to Clam Thermal fabric

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Clam Nanook XL. Clam is a well-known brand in the ice fishing industry and their Nanook XL model is easily one of the best two-man ice houses available for 2021. This lightweight design is very easy to transport and can be set up in a matter of minutes. Anglers can also enter and exit from the side thanks to Clam's Side Symmetry Door System Otter vs. Frabill GUESTS. If The Eskimo similar to the Otter cabin, is $240 with a bench seat at Fleet Farm. The sled is pretty light duty, but that's a steal! [This message has been edited by ldwsmith (edited 12-16-2003).] I ended up buying the Clam Voyager, for two reasons. I got a great price on the voyager and I was a little. Ice fishing is my middle name. Fleet Farm carries ice fishing shelters from Clam, Eskimo, Frabill, Otter and more. Find a huge selection priced right to make your day on the ice comfortable Otter Shelters & Accessories (55) Eskimo Shelters & Accessories (33) Clam Shelters & Accessories (52) Frabill Shelters & Accessories (15) Shappell Shelters & Accessories (20) Shelter Lights & Headlamps (13) Hitches, Hyfax & Covers (10) Ice Anchors & Installation Tools (10) Shelter Organization (9 Max Comfort. Bottom Line. Excellent quality for a multiple-person ice fishing shelter that fits in an easy-to-carry bag. Pros. Provides room for 5 to 7 people with dimensions of 115 by 115 inches and a comfortable height of 78 inches. Has doors on either end of the shelter, making it easier to exit and enter the tent

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The leader in the ice-fishing industry offering a full line of hardwater fishing supplies, including the Fish Trap® (flip over shelters), Clam™ pop-up hub-style shelters, IceArmor™ by Clam (outerwear: bibs, parkas, head & hand) and Clam Ice Fishing Clam FLR hub shelters. Eskimo Outbreak 450i. The Otter XT Pro X-Over models feature a triple-layer insulated 1,200 Denier shell, deluxe padded and swivel bucket seats, rear access door and. Subscribe HERE for more videos like this: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD19ISrOplTfBqQ700IupsA/featured?sub_confirmation=1Hub houses and flip-over styl..

Shop from a selection including brands from Clam, Otter, Eskimo, and more! From brands like these, you can expect premium ice houses with features such as durable thermal fabric to retain heat, heavy-duty poles, multiple doors, and storage options. Find the right ice house for a single angler or a whole family at SCHEELS Choose from favorite brands such as Clam, Eskimo, Otter, Trophy Angler, and more! You?ll find a wide variety of product ranging from flip-over shelters, pop-up shelters, sleds, and many ice house accessories! Find the perfect fit for your fishing preferences today and let Up North Sports Ship it to you Fast Clam Hub Shelters. DURABLE POP UP SHELTERS FOR ANY ANGLER. With a 60-second setup, our portable hub shelters are one of the easiest ways to get a large group of people on the ice to fish in comfort, no matter what the conditions. Whether it's our C-Series or X-Series, we have a shelter that fits the needs of any angler Please allow a few extra days for shipping—thank you for your patience during these times

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  1. Eskimo is for and about one thing: the ice angler. You can rest assured that when you are outdoors combating the real world scenarios of ice fishing, you will have a product that will survive the test of time in Eskimo
  2. Otter vs. Eskimo vs. Clam Fish House: Which is Best? Three popular brands of ice fishing houses are Otter, Eskimo and Clam. Each offers their own unique hub-styles solutions with their own advantages. Here are the main differences between Eskimo, Clam and Otter fish houses
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Eskimo Eskape 2800 Flip Style Shelter. sold outShelters are shipped Freight, please contact us for shipping rates! Example: the.. $1,300.00. Add to Cart Otter Legendary Sleds The Otter Pro Sleds feature a Roto-Molded construction for the ultimate in strength and durability. With seamless surfaces and uniform thickness across the board Otter has produced one of the most durable sleds ever built. The processes used to manufacturer their ice sled have to meet stric Pop-up ice fishing shelters are a great option, they come at an affordable price, offer a bit of additional elbow space vs. flip overs, and travel extremely easy! Choose from favorite brands such as Eskimo and Clam! Order your ideal pop- up today and receive free shipping in the continental US! Filter eskimo 450i vs 949i. You must be logged in to reply to this topic. With a flared, wide-bottom, the Eskimo® ice house offers more fishable area making it perfect for three to four anglers, while the pockets offer storage for your ice fishing gear. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Eskimo Quickfish 5i Pop up is a more popular fishing. 2) Design - When looking at the best ice houses for sale, there are several design choices. There are some that open and close like clam shells, like theClam 9714 Nanook, and there are others that set up like a dome tent, like the Eskimo Fatfish

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When you need quality ice fishing accessories, turn to the brands you trust like Frabill, Eskimo, Clam, and Beaver Dam. Stock up on basic ice fishing equipment as well as a few extras that make the experience more comfortable like sleds from Otter and Shappell to help get everything you need out on the ice quicker and easier Features: Patented Otter THERMALTEC 600 Denier Fabric Layer System (Light Blocking/Wind Stopping Outer Shell with a Quilted Thermal Inner Shell) Triple Layer Shell Provides the Perfect Combo of Durability, Warmth & Reduced Condensation Extreme Duty 11 MM Cobalt Poles Reinforced Corners Wide Base for Maximum Fishing Area Front Dual Coil Zippered Entry Door Combination Daylight/Lookout Removable.

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Stay warm and out of the wind with this Vortex Lodge Hub Shelter from Otter®. Exclusive ThermalTec TM layered fabric has a quilted thermal inner shell that traps in warmth, plus a wind-stopping outer shell. Hub design is easy to set up and offers more interior room than cube shelters. Fits 4-5 anglers comfortably 1-man 2 man Clam Otter. Sort by. Showing all 21 results Sold Out. Quick View. Otter XT Hideout- #200960. $499.99. Sold Out. Quick View. Otter Pro XT Cottage X-Over- #201163. $699.99 Clam Legend XL Thermal - Ice Team Edition (Deluxe Seat) $629.99. Sold Out. Quick View. Clam Nanook XL. $479.99. Sold Out. Quick View. Clam Nanook XL Thermal.

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  1. Select the best brands for ice fishing shelter more fishable area due to the flared-out.. And eskimo 450i vs 450 xd quicker and easier, so you can focus on fishing more fishable area with 14.8 feet. Ergonomics Kodiak 450 has an MSRP of $ 5,999, while maintaining the lightweight portability of one-man..
  2. Product Description. 71992114557. The Clam Jason Mitchell X400 Thermal Hub Ice Shelter packs down compactly for easy transport and features a large fishable area to comfortably fit four to six anglers. Full Thermal Trap TM Technology with 90 grams of insulation per square meter retains heat and reduces condensation to deliver superior warmth
  3. Ice Armor By Clam. Outerwear Handwear Base Layer Footwear Ice Shelter. New Ice Shelters Fish Trap Shelters Hub Shelters Ice Shelter Accessories 1-800-423-3474. E-mail Us. 12135 Brockton Lane N Rogers MN 55369.
  4. Ice Fishing Shelters . Stay out of the cold winds with ice fishing shelters and sleds at Sportsman's Guide. Shop through a selection of top brands in the industry and find portable ice shelters and sleds to bring on any ice fishing trip
  5. Clam vs Otter thermal tents Read More » Clam Fish Trap Travel Cover 8073 for Ice Shelter 4.5 out of 5 stars 14. Also i give my full review of the ice shelter The Nanook Thermal actually retains heat and reduces condensation. 1187 4900 35 25 7550 55 40 9350 70 50 10700 80 60 1/2-13 0. $59.99
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  1. 4. Clam Outdoors Ice Shantys. Back in 1980, passionate ice angler Dave Genz from Orr, Minnesota, built his first homemade Fish Trap in his garage, with his wife, Patsy, sewing the canvas on with her home sewing machine. Fast forward to 1993 and the Genz's creation, Clam, had become the largest manufacturer of ice fishing shelters in all of.
  2. Clam kenai to otter cabin to Eskimo evo 2 iT. Or Eskimo Inferno 1 wide to otter hideout. I've seen a couple for sale with skis instead of hyfax. It was something I had thought about before I saw the ones for sale with them. I'm looking to buy new and it would save considerably to use old skis vs the hyfax kits
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  4. The Ice Fishing Shelters we mentioned in this video: 3. Eskimo Inferno 15350 Wide 1 Inferno Insulated Portable Ice Shelter with 50 Sled & Swivel Seat -.
  5. The best ice huts for sale will likely come from either Eskimo, Frabill, Otter or Clam.Having the right gear can make ice fishing far more enjoyable. Ice shelters that are reliable can easily extend the amount of time that you can and will want to spend ice fishing
  6. These two options are both available by the main portable fish house brands which include: Otter, Clam, Eskimo, and Frabill. In this blog, I will highlight the advantages and disadvantage of each, in order to make the decision easier for someone in the market for a new portable ice house

theres a lot to consider when picking a shanty, you have to get one that fits you. sometimes things arent necessarily good or bad but rather a trade off. for example: more room - more heat needed from a heater. more room - heavier/bulkier, need to consider hauling and storage in the off season. more durable - heavier Clam Corporation surprisingly isn't harvesting seafood, but instead, they're preparing you to do it. Their Edge Bib comes with excellent insulation and a ton of added features to help you get the job done. First and foremost, the knee padding on this is spot-on and works in sync with the two flotation style fishing bobbers directly above.

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Features: Patent Pending Otter THERMALTEC 600 Denier Fabric Layer System (Light Blocking/Wind Stopping Outer Shell with an Insulated/Quilted Thermal Inner Shell) Triple Layer Shell Provides the Perfect Combo of Durability, Warmth & Reduced Condensation Quick-Set Backflip Design Allows Instant Set-Up Square Tube Aluminum Fixed Frame Front, Dual Coil Zippered Access Door Sewn-In, TPU Crack. Eskimo Outbreak 250i vs Otter Pro Lodge XTH/Vortex Lodge vs Clam C560. If you've tried more than one of the hubs listed I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you liked and didn't. Still interested if you've only tried one or have a similar suggestion 14477. $349.99. As a thermal version of our 4-sided hub house, the C-560 Thermal Hub Shelter by Clam packs down small but fishes big. As one of our popular portable fish houses, the C-560 has 56 square feet of fishing space...enough to fish 3-4 anglers comfortably. It's perfect for a group of friends or the entire family, and it sets up in.

Known for quality and innovation, Otter has reinvented the flip over style thermal shelter. The X-OVER SHELTER SERIES are rich with cutting edge design and engineering features that will enhance any ice fishing experience. Features: X-Over Side Entry Doors Combine traditional front door entry with a Quick Switch to side door configuration Quick Switch Frame (Patent Pending) Easily switch to. Eskimo FatFish Series Pop-Up Portable Ice Fishing Shelter. 4.8 out of 5 stars. 1,255. $259.99. $259. . 99. This ice-fishing tent is a convenient and reliable option. It has a flared, wide-bottom design, which ensures that you have a more fishable area Clam makes a one man called Legend XL and the seat is on the length side of the sled giving a wider set up out front. Little more pricey than the shappell. I just got an Eskimo Wide One Inferno. It is the one where the front expands. I did make the smitty sled that will fit the clam and my two man otter which dont seem to be much. Nordic Legend 3 Person Ice Shelter with 300D Heavy Duty Fabric. 4.0 out of 5 stars. 20. $175.99. $175. . 99. Get it as soon as Sat, Jun 26. FREE Shipping by Amazon Fish longer, in more comfort. The Outbreak 450XD is the perfect family sized shelter to keep you warm and comfortable during your time on the ice. Best of all, its all-access, full panel door makes loading and unloading quicker and easier, so you can focus on fishing. Available in 3 different sizes, all with Eskimo exclusive StormShield Fabric.

Clam Ice Shelter - Clam 9130 Big Feet XL400T vs Clam 9735 Six Pack. Eskimo and Otter manage to keep their ice huts nice and lightweight. Best Ice Huts for Sale - Construction Materials. The best ice huts for sale are typically made from polyester or nylon I have it narrowed down to either the Clam Nanook XL or the Eskimo Sierra. Leaning towards the Nanook because the numbers are just a hair better for it on all the specifics. Except for the price of course.... the Nanook is gonna be about $80 more expensive. The Eskimo Inferno sure came close, but it comes in only 10 lbs. lighter than the 2-man. Shop Joe's Sporting Goods for Ice Houses & Accessories. Joe's has a great selection of ice fishing houses. Whether you're looking for hub style or flip over, Joe's has you covered. Literally. Our selection is priced right and features the top brands like Clam, Otter and Eskimo. Our experts will answer any questions and help you find the perfect Ice Houses & Accessories for your needs Whether you like the challenge of using a hand ice auger or the ease of an electric, propane, drill, or gas ice auger, we have all types of ice augers you are looking for. From top brands like Eskimo, Clam, StrikeMaster, Jiffy, and more, SCHEELS carries top-quality ice augers that are designed for the toughest conditions

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Retail$999.99. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Eskimo Ice Fishing Gear Eskimo Ice Fishing Gear Wide 1 Inferno Insulated Flip Over Shelter 15350. Out of stock. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Free Shipping on Frabill Ice Hunter 115 - 1 Angler - Front Door FRBSH115 082271002198 Nanook XL Thermal. Out of stock. SKU. 12847. $599.99. This two-person, thermal portable fish house allows two anglers to fish comfortably side-by-side. Or for really big guys, the Nanook XL Thermal works as a great one-person house. And with our exclusive Side Symmetry Door System (patent pending), anglers can get in and out of the shelter with. Sold Out$599.99. The X-400 Thermal Hub ice fishing shelter boasts 64 square feet of fishable area, but packs down small for easy transport. This 4-sided portable hub house has plenty of room for heaters, chairs, equipment and the kids! Anglers will also enjoy the unique X-series design, as well as the black roof to attract sun and retain heat Voyager X Thermal. Out of stock. SKU. 15486. $899.99. The Ice Team Edition Voyager flip-over shelter has been a huge hit the past couple of seasons with it's awesome looks and features— and we have decided to come out with a Clam edition of the popular model! This Voyager X Thermal has all of the features of a durable flip-over fish house. This two-person, thermal portable fish house allows two anglers to fish comfortably side-by-side. Or for really big guys, the Nanook XL Thermal works as a great one-person house. And with our exclusive Side Symmetry Door System (patent pending), anglers can get in and out of the shelter with ease. The Nanook Thermal X

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Clam Ice Shelter - Clam 9130 Big Feet XL400T vs Clam 9735 Six Pack. When it comes to the two most versatile Clam Ice Shelters that appease anglers with skill level across the board it is definitely between the Clam 9130 Big Feet XL400T and the Clam 9735 Six Pack Fish Houses (15) Make sure you have all of the ice fishing gear to stay comfortable day and night. At L&M Fleet Supply, find the ideal ice fishing shelter from brands like Otter and Eskimo, among others, and brave the cold. View as Grid List. 15 Items

Clam Ice Shelter Showdown: 9130 Big Feet XL4000T vs 9735 Six Pack. Finding an ice fishing shelter with the optimal components to adhere to your particular ice fishing methods can be difficult if you do not know what you are looking for. If you are an advanced ice angler then without a doubt you need to see all of Catch Cover Clam Eskimo Otter. Sort by. Showing 25 - 48 of 57 results 1 2 3. Quick View. Clam Hub Shelter Hang Hooks 4 Pack. $8.99. Quick View. Clam Hub Shelter Removable Floors. From $169.99. Quick View. Clam Ice Anchor 3 Pieces - 9750. $17.99. Sold Out. Quick View. Clam Ice Anchor Extreme Installation Tool. $17.99.

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X-600 Thermal Hub Shelter. Out of stock. SKU. 14470. $599.99. The Clam X-600 Thermal Hub is the perfect portable shelter for a group of buddies or a day on the ice with the kids. With unmatched durability, strength and ease of use it's the perfect pop-up ice fishing shelter for those that want to spend their time on the ice fishing in comfort Learn how to create a website and make money online in 2020! Close Menu. ONLINE BUSINES 71992114280. A redesigned thermal version of one of Clam's most popular ice shelters, the Clam Jason Mitchell Nanook XL Thermal Flip-Over Shelter offers a larger fishing area for a more successful day on the ice. Full Thermal Trap TM Technology and a 900-denier fabric trap heat for faster warm-up and better cold-weather protection The Outbreak 650XD is the perfect party sized shelter keep you warm and comfortable during your time on the ice. Best of all, its all-access, full panel door makes loading and unloading quicker and easier, so you can focus on fishing. Featuring Eskimo® exclusive StormShield™ Fabric, the Outbreak Series has you covered, without tripping you up

Aug 22, 2020 - Explore TiredPotato's board Ice Fishing / Portable house mods. on Pinterest. See more ideas about ice fishing, ice fishing sled, ice fishing diy Outdoor Shelters for Camping. Stay protected outdoors with SCHEELS selection of portable shelters. Whether you're looking for a canopy shelter for picnicking or tailgating or a camping shelter for an outdoor adventure, you'll find the perfect portable shelter for you When the job calls for heavy-duty hauling, you need the extra-tough construction and rugged performance of the Shappell Eagle Claw Jet Sled. It's the heavy-duty version of the ever-popular Shappell Jet Sled, and it's ideal for tough jobs and tough conditions. Great for hauling ice fishing gear, firewood, downed dear, traps, decoys and more Eskimo FatFish Portable 3-4 Person Pop Up Ice Fishing Shanty Shack Shelter Hut. Average Rating: ( 4.7) out of 5 stars. 3. ratings, based on 3 reviews. Current Price $344.38. $344.38 Shop ice fishing sleds and shelters at Cabela's. Use our ice anchors and ice fishing chairs and lights to make your ice fishing adventures more enjoyable

The Reeds Mille Lacs Outpost was established to meet the needs of an outdoorsman in the Mille Lacs area. In a key location just north of Onamia at the intersection of Minnesota 27 and the US 169 trunk that comes up from southern Minnesota, Reeds Outpost is perfectly located for picking up last minute supplies, bait, finding the latest in hot lures or getting a new rod and reel The Eskimo Outbreak ice-fishing shelter comes equipped with an all-metal, ball-and-socket hub with large fiberglass poles to stand up against whipping winter winds. Interior-window, hook-and-loop retain strips hold cover panels in place and away from your heater. Removable hook-and-loop window panels offer ventilation when needed. 2 deluxe cam.